Video Traffic

If you have a business and have a product or service to promote then you realise the importance of traffic. One of the best ways to go about this is to create your own videos and generate video traffic. Over the years there has been a video traffic explosion and it will only keep on escalating.

Article to video

If you write articles, features that get published or just general information about your products then these are great candidates for video content. Each article is a potential video traffic growth goldmine for you and one that you should consider in your online marketing strategy.

Sure people love to read published content, but studies have shown that they like to watch also. Once your article is converted to video content they can still read it on screen. However, they can also hear the spoken article words.

You can add music as well as photo content to the video just to give it more buzz. Make it pleasing on the eyes of the viewer. Don’t just throw anything together in a rush as it won’t engage the viewer and they will quickly start clicking on other videos.

You do not need any special article to video converter software. There are slide packages and video editing software available which can do the job well. Alternatively, simply hand it to someone who specialises in this kind of work.

Speak clearly and have a happy tone to your voice. Don’t come across as a gloomy speaker. If you are selling something then you must sound excited about what you are promoting, unless of course you are selling something like funeral coffins. I think you get the idea. You may have heard the phrase ‘Content is king’. Well it holds true with videos also. Ensure your video has at least some of the following features:

  • Entertaining
  • Professional
  • Unique
  • Newsworthy

With video traffic marketing, if you want your video to appeal to many people then it has to stand out from the other videos in the same category.When people start paying attention to your video content you will find you get exposure on media related sites as well as other websites. Start creating instant video articles today.

Make your video go viral

The more exposure you get for your video the better it becomes for you. More and more people see your video, like it and pass it on. Once it starts getting shared you can expect great things to happen.

Think about how many times you have seen YouTube videos on the national news for example, even if the subject material is not always the best.

You should take action and start promoting your video in different ways. Here are some examples of how you can do that:

  • Post links to your video in forums
  • Embed your video in your website or blog
  • Add your comment to other blogs and post your link also
  • Email your video link to your friends and family
  • Share it on sites like Facebook and Twitter

YouTube has a community which you should aim to participate in for more video traffic. Subscribe to any YouTube channels which you like and leave a comment on the videos. As more and more people see your comments they will link back to your videos and you will get more YouTube video traffic.

Other video traffic strategies

There are other things you can do to get video traffic and I will cover those points now.

In the video itself you should have a call to action. This could be something like “For a FREE book on how to stop smoking the natural way please visit”. You can add your website address at the end.

If you upload your video to YouTube then you will notice there are boxes for adding a video title and description. Before doing this you need to do some keyword research so that you can choose a title that is going to get lots of visitors.

Insert your keyword into your title, preferably as near to the beginning as possible. If your keyword is ‘Blood sugar’ for example you could have a title similar to ‘Lower your blood sugar levels in 10 days”. It helps if you are able to write a catchy title because that alone can attract viewers to your video.

You should consider using a mixture of broad and long tail keywords. This will help to optimise your title for the search engines and attract more video traffic to you.

In the YouTube video description box you can add a brief description of the video or product. Again ensure that your keywords are within the text you write. At the beginning of the text you should insert your website address.

You can also add tags. These are basically keywords related to the video subject and are essential for getting video traffic. YouTube will suggest a few, but you can also add your own.

If you are adding multiple tag words ensure that you put quote marks around them. For example “Six pack” “Organic gardening” etc.

Try and think of terms that people are likely to use when searching for your video. You will be surprised what you come up with.

Have you noticed how online newspapers and news sites have video within the posts? This gives value to the reader because they get to read the written post and view any related video content.

Search engines like to see a mixture of content curated from different sources. This is a strategy you can implement in your own blog or site to increase video traffic.

As mentioned previously, you want to host your video content on YouTube. Add in keyword rich titles and descriptions. Then pick some good tags. Near the video you will notice a button called ‘Share’. Click this and then select the ‘Embed’ option. This will give you a piece of code which you need to copy and paste into the HTML part of your website or blog. This will embed the video from YouTube into your site.

When someone comes to your site they can now read any posts or watch any video content you have embedded. This represents some enormous video traffic potential for you.

Also if others find your video on YouTube and do the same then your website link will be spread everywhere which means you get even more video traffic coming back to your site.


Get as much exposure as you can for your internet video content. The more video traffic that comes your way, the more sales will increase and the more profit you will make. It is as simple as that.

Be aware of the benefits of video marketing and you can expect good traffic as a result. Be proactive in your internet video marketing today.