Four Popular Women’s Fitness Tips That Are Harming You Body Instead of Helping It

It’s about to be the high season for weight loss and fitness. Soon you’ll have to make the decision about how you’re going to start the New Year off. Is it going to be a weak attempt or are you finally fed up and you’re going to make something happen.

If it’s the latter than great! You can do it, but depending on where you’re starting, you have to get some proper advice. There is a lot out there and the problem is most doctors don’t even know… are you going to let a fat, out of shape doctor tell you how to be in shape? Here’s what you need to watch for and how it will fit into your lifestyle change.

Freezing Your Fat

It’s the newest weight loss procedure on the market. This machine freezes the fat so your body breaks it down. Ok… sounds cool and it seems to work with little side effects so far. However, if you don’t change your diet and activity levels you can freeze your fat, but it’s going to come right back.

Start Weight Training

Most fitness injuries are due to bad form. Most trainers start off their clients way to hard and they do put them through a fitness assessment test. This is vital because while weight training is the best way to burn fat, if you’re not ready for it then you are probably going to hurt yourself. Build up to is and your body will be amazing.

Workout Everyday

I can’t believe this is still being prescribed. Granted depending on what you’re doing, you can safely workout everyday. But rest is so important to your results and health, you don’t want to neglect that. When you rest, your body get stronger… without rest you just get weaker. It’s a fact to take some days off and enjoy your rest.

Workout At Night If You Have To

This one has a lot to do with rest, but it’s more about time management. If you work your butt off all day and you didn’t take one break, then rest might be better for you. That means that you need to reorganize your day because you need to fit that fitness into your life. The point here is don’t just toss it in to fit it in… you need to create a balance or else you will hurt your body.