Learn Digital Photography Now – The Power of Black and White Photography

It is said that everything comes around full circle, creating a cycle. This is most certainly the case with reemergence of blank and white photography onto the scene. Why is black and white photography becoming en vogue again in a world that so emphasizes color? Despite the incredible popularity of digital photography in general, and creation of color images in particular, there will always be room for black and white.Over the past few years, we seem a movement back to the classics, yet combining the technology of today. More and more modern movies are being filmed in black and white. Magazines are incorporating black and white ads into their publications. It is even common for the high end art galleries to have featured exhibits all in black and white. This movement is due to the artistic and emotional qualities that are just not possible to capture using color photography.The most notable quality of black and white photography is its ability for emotional power. What might be a simple shot can take on a new appeal for a viewer when seen a different way. That is why black and white photography has a tendency to make photos look more like works of art. It transforms a dingy or overcast look into a striking photo evoking emotion while producing a clean, crisp look. Try incorporating black and white into your portfolio to help expand your range of artistic style.Black and white has the ability to focus the attention to the emotional center of the photograph. The human face provides a great subject for black and white photography. A small lift of the chin or a look upward with the eyes can all change the emotion of the piece. the vast range of expression a person carries is endless. The smoothness of a child’s cheek, the wisdom in another’s wrinkles all have a story to tell in a photograph.Black and white almost always invites the viewer to want to know about the story behind the picture. If it’s a landscape, “What happened here?” is the question that often springs to the mind of the viewer and the longer they gaze at the photo, the more their imagination fills in the details. If you are viewing the face of a serene or melancholy girl, it is almost impossible not to wonder what she is dreaming about or what of life’s issues is weighing on her mind.While emotional power and invoking the search for meaning makes for compelling reasons to incorporate black and white photography into one’s portfolio alone, the romance of the genre is most certainly another. Black-and-white photography speaks to the simplicity and elegance that love often is. It has the ability to capture the thread of emotion and passion that touches the heart. A picture that might be considered lewd by the harshness of color, becomes an art form in the more subtle shadings of black and white. Try surroundings that incorporate moisture or water such as the beach, or the rain, or even the dew drops of early morning to bring about feelings of sensuality to the viewer.Experiment with black and white and ask friends and family their opinions to learn how to master the subtle but powerful artistic effects that black and white can bring. The digital camera has brought about in a whole new generation of black and white photography. More and more, black and white photography is being sought as an option for all types of occasions.If you have not started to experiment with black and white shots, it’s worth the time to learn how to capture the powerful images this type of photography can make possible. Along with the creative use of light and framing, black and white gives itself well to editing that you can do with Photoshop to bring out the emotional center of each shot. Before long, you may actually find your self seeing black and white shots in a color world. Your awareness of what will make a great moment in this format will become acute and you will be ready to capture those moments spontaneously, which is always the best kind of photography.