Employing Work Place Humor – Are You Brave Enough to Have Fun at Work?

Laughter is so powerful it can make people pee their pants and cry like a baby.In fact, a few minutes of har-de-har hilarity will have most folks rolling on the ground, pleading for it to stop, stop. Please make it stop!Now, there is an impressive force for you…If this state of mind can wrench bladder and emotion control from their owners it behooves us to investigate further to determine how that capacity might be employed in other circumstances. Capice?Dr. Jekyll and Mister SnydeSuch scientific analysis into the effects of humor on the human condition is already underway and the results have proven to examiners that yucking it up causes all manner of endorphins to be scattered in a palatine peptide parade through our blood stream.These pesky peptides start immediately roughhousing with the dormant dominoes controlling our moods which soon have us changing our tunes and before long seeing almost everything differently.Nope, the average attitude does not stand a chance against those perky peptides whom over time will also start fooling with the locks on the floodgates of our health, wealth and with any luck, wisdom.Pretty significant effects for some invisible stuff and an emotion that very few folks acknowledge, let alone attempt to consciously control.Treat Me Like A Royal, Fool!Kings and queens have felt fondness for frivolity since the beginning of time and few successful monarchies attempted to operate without the benefit of a talented and unfunny-only-once court jester.Whenever there was a chance that news would sting the boss’s ears, conveying the dreaded downbeat dispatch in a hopefully uplifting manner usually fell upon the shivering shoulders of the Royal Fool who would portray the grim new reality through what ought to be one of his funniest riddles or jokes to date.Royal Fool: “Pray tell, Majesty: What has 2911 eyes, 1753 limbs, 93,718 cannon balls and rests at the bottom of the sea?”Mystified Monarch: “You have me stumped, my good elf. Whatever could it be?”Jittering Jester: “Why, great and noble sire – ’tis your navy…”Crusty Kaiser: “Oh, ho, ho ho, sir Imp, you are too, too funny! Off with his head!” (okay, humor doesn’t work every time…)Those court jesters that managed to retain their craniums often achieved great notoriety for their ability to create good spirits on demand. They were revered as first class purveyors of social attitude who rightfully accepted their place alongside religious and civic leaders who also enjoyed the benefits of theater and ceremony.Laughter – It’s The Real ThingOver the past decade health professionals have begun methodically employing the beneficial effects of humor and several long term scientific studies undertaken by universities and private institutions now attest to its positive and measurable influence.In the business world, one of the early adopters of cultural use of humor was the wizard coach of Southwest Airlines – Herb Kelleher.Humor is definitely in Herb’s blood and he employed his tomfoolery talent to cure corporate ills representing litigious circumstances that would have made any lawyer’s pockets itchy. If the occasion demanded that he dress like a superhero to face an arm-wrestling opponent rather than head to the court house donning a business suit, Herb did it.His willingness and ability to regularly utilize humor to overcome significant business challenges created a profitable operational culture for Southwest Airlines which continues to permeate the entire corporation years after Herb’s departure.Tee Hee Hee All The Way To The BankHumor is difficult to employ because it requires a significant amount of direction and even then it occasionally runs roughshod over the bounds of personal preference and good taste. I imagine this is why so few folks contemplate employing humor and exactly why we should use it.This is one of the simplest methods any company can utilize to differentiate themselves from the crowd and it is really not that difficult to do.A good place to start is by picking up a copy of the book Nuts where Herb Kelleher reveals exactly how he used humor in the workplace. And you might want to read it in the bathroom because some of the stuff he pulled is so dang hilarious that you just should not chance it.Thank you, friend.