Airline Travel – Tips for Flying Overseas on Business

Planning your overseas business trip should include making reservations as soon as your company confirms the trip. The seasoned traveler always plans to arrive the night before a scheduled meeting to avoid stress, missed flights, and jet lag.Your travel agent will be aware of the plane’s layout, and should reserve a seat with the most leg room. The agent should also request your boarding pass and any special meal requirements in advance.The seasoned traveler has a plan to avoid canceled flights. Many business executives double book flights with another airline carrier as a backup. This practice is a major cause of overbooked flights, so make sure unused reservations are canceled by your agent or office. If your flight is canceled, use The Official Airline Pocket Flight Guide to calculate your own rerouting, or call your travel agent or another airline. Don’t stand in line and wait for an attendant to reschedule you.Overseas Travel Tips
Business casual is the best mode of dress. Avoid wearing clothing that broadcasts your nationality.
Register laptop computers and cameras with customs before you leave.
Use a credit or debit card with a four-digit numeric code. (Many ATM machines outside North America accept only four-digit PINs.)
Bring two copies each of the first past of your passport and photograph, important documents and telephone numbers, and credit cards with the customer relations telephone numbers in case you need to report a lost card. Keep one set of all this information with you, another set in your luggage.
800 numbers may not work outside the United States and Canada. Before you leave, call your bank and credit card companies to obtain their non-800 numbers so you can reach them in an emergency.
If you need cash, wire it through your bank or have a cashier’s check or money order sent to your hotel. Register with the Department of State before you leave. The Department can arrange for a small loan to carry you over until you can replenish your funds.
Obtain a list of recommended doctors in the countries you will be visiting through The Bureau of Consular Affairs before you leave on your trip. The Bureau of Consular Affairs website is
Bring a letter from your doctor stating your need for any medication, along with a copy of the prescriptions as proof of your need for it.
Carry all prescription medications in their original containers. Bring an extra pair of eyeglass or contact lenses.When traveling globally, avoid coming across as a poster girl (or boy) for the image of The Ugly American. Wear business clothes and conduct yourself in a businesslike manner. You are representing yourself, your company, your country, and your culture. Research in advance the attitude and expectations of the culture you are visiting, and remember the old adage, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

Will Your College (Really) Help You Find A Job?

To discover how much job search help you will receive from your college, answer the questions below. (Circle your answers – NS = Not Sure)

1. Does your college fully communicate the services that are available from the Career Services Office as soon as you enter college? YES, NO, NS

2. Does your college require students to prepare a written employment plan of action during the Freshman year? YES, NO, NS

3. Are students at your college coached through their employment plan of action throughout each semester of college? YES, NO, NS

4. Are job search preparation activities emphasized during each semester of college? YES, NO, NS

5. Does your college provide students with a list of job search preparation activities that should be completed before the senior year? YES, NO, NS

6. Does your college teach you how to conduct a comprehensive search for employment? YES, NO, NS

7. Does the Career Services Web Site contain all of the job search information and help you will need? YES, NO, NS

8. Is it easy to meet with or speak to a Career Services Representative or Employment Coach whenever you have questions or need help? YES, NO, NS

9. Do you know how many employers visited your college last year to interview students with your major? YES, NO, NS

10. Do you know how many students with your major were hired last year, as the result of campus interviews? YES, NO, NS

11. Do you know the six or eight primary requirements of the employers that hire students with your major? YES, NO, NS

12. Does your college provide you with the contact information for former students with your major who are now working in your field of interest? YES, NO, NS

13. Do the Professors in your major use their contacts to help students find part-time, summer and full-time jobs? YES, NO, NS

14. Is it obvious to you that all members of the college community are working together to ensure that the greatest number of students land good jobs? YES, NO, NS

15. Does your college make it clear to every students that “the senior year job search actually starts in the Freshman year?” YES, NO, NS

16. In addition to your academic performance, there are four other places where you can impress employers. Have you been told what they are? YES, NO, NS

17. Are there internships and part-time job opportunities available for students with your major? YES, NO, NS

18. Are employers, in your field of interest, invited to make presentations to students about their employment needs, requirements and expectations? YES, NO, NS

19. Does your Career Services Department conduct classroom training for groups of students on topics that are needed for employment success? YES, NO, NS

20. Are students trained in employment networking techniques? YES, NO, NS

21. Are students trained in interviewing strategies and techniques? YES, NO, NS

22. Is resumé preparation training available to you? YES, NO, NS

23. Is a large list of employment web sites made available to students in every field of study? YES, NO, NS

24. Are students trained in finding and researching potential employers in their own field of study? YES, NO, NS

25. Is it clear to you that your college is doing everything possible to help students find and land good jobs? YES, NO, NS

Rate your college:

If you answered yes 20+ times, your college is doing a superior job. A grade of (A)
If you answered yes 15 – 19 times, your college is doing a good job. (B)
If you answered yes 11 – 14 times, your college is doing only a fair job. (C)
If you answered yes 7 – 10 times, your college needs much improvement. (D)
If you answered yes 1 – 6 times, your college should reevaluate its commitment. (F)

Sending well educated college students into a highly competitive job market with little job search preparation assistance and training is not the way that concerned college leaders should operate. Therefore, parents and students at underperforming colleges must begin to demand more and better from them.

The Stock Market Vs Real Estate Investing

I am often asked about the stock market vs. real estate investing in terms of which is the better investment. Both offer growth and income. Real estate investing has its advantages and so does the stock market. How about the best of both worlds?

Other than the often touted fact that real estate investing has an advantage because “they’re not making any more of it”, many people have felt more comfortable in the past owning real property because it’s tangible. The stock market is not. Real estate investing traditionally takes the form of buying a property, renting it out, and dealing with maintenance and tenants. The need for active management and the fact that real property is not liquid (easy to sell quickly without significant expense) are its disadvantages.

On the other hand real estate investing has traditionally had one giant advantage called FINANCIAL LEVERAGE. Making a small out-of-pocket investment and borrowing lots of money to buy a property is how many people got rich in the past. After all, if your investment goes up in value by $50,000 or $100,000 your rate of return depends on how much YOU actually had invested. The average person has not been allowed to use heavy financial leverage in the stock market since the early 1930′s.

Financial leverage is now a dirty word in finance since the recent financial crisis threatened the world economy. The rules have changed, but there are still opportunities for the average investor. Forget the past and forget comparing the stock market vs. real estate investing in conventional terms. There’s really no sense in comparing the two as they have traditionally existed, because buying property is like actively running a business. Average working people often don’t go there because they have other duties and obligations to attend to.

In the stock market you simply buy and sell. That’s the advantage: liquidity, with no active management. Today you can make a transaction for $10. You can invest in any stock you like and buy or sell in your brokerage account over the internet. If you want to get into real estate investing the easy way, even on a budget, you can do it IN THE STOCK MARKET. Now you can own a piece of the action in commercial properties for an admittance price of $10, and sell in a matter of seconds if things don’t go your way.

Equity real estate investment trusts (REITS) invest in apartment buildings, shopping centers, office buildings and so on… diversified across the country. They’ve been around a long time and for years were steady performers that offered investors both growth and higher than average dividend income. Their stocks are traded in the stock market. When real estate got cheap so did these stocks. Two big names here: Simon Property Group and Vornado Realty Trust. And then there’s something quite new.

To get the best of both worlds… real estate investing and the stock market… without having to pick which stock(s) to go with consider an ETF that invests in a multitude of stocks like the two mentioned above. Stock symbols IYR and VNQ are two such ETFs.

You can invest anywhere from a few hundred dollars to millions, get in or out in a matter of seconds and be a real estate investor by simply buying the right stocks. With today’s unpredictable economic environment and markets a basic truth has become obvious to even the most casual observer. All markets, even the market for real properties, are dynamic and subject to change. Why not put liquidity on your side?

Four Popular Women’s Fitness Tips That Are Harming You Body Instead of Helping It

It’s about to be the high season for weight loss and fitness. Soon you’ll have to make the decision about how you’re going to start the New Year off. Is it going to be a weak attempt or are you finally fed up and you’re going to make something happen.

If it’s the latter than great! You can do it, but depending on where you’re starting, you have to get some proper advice. There is a lot out there and the problem is most doctors don’t even know… are you going to let a fat, out of shape doctor tell you how to be in shape? Here’s what you need to watch for and how it will fit into your lifestyle change.

Freezing Your Fat

It’s the newest weight loss procedure on the market. This machine freezes the fat so your body breaks it down. Ok… sounds cool and it seems to work with little side effects so far. However, if you don’t change your diet and activity levels you can freeze your fat, but it’s going to come right back.

Start Weight Training

Most fitness injuries are due to bad form. Most trainers start off their clients way to hard and they do put them through a fitness assessment test. This is vital because while weight training is the best way to burn fat, if you’re not ready for it then you are probably going to hurt yourself. Build up to is and your body will be amazing.

Workout Everyday

I can’t believe this is still being prescribed. Granted depending on what you’re doing, you can safely workout everyday. But rest is so important to your results and health, you don’t want to neglect that. When you rest, your body get stronger… without rest you just get weaker. It’s a fact to take some days off and enjoy your rest.

Workout At Night If You Have To

This one has a lot to do with rest, but it’s more about time management. If you work your butt off all day and you didn’t take one break, then rest might be better for you. That means that you need to reorganize your day because you need to fit that fitness into your life. The point here is don’t just toss it in to fit it in… you need to create a balance or else you will hurt your body.

Network Marketing Tips: Why You Need Patience (and Right Away!) in Order to Succeed

17 years ago today, my husband and I started our first home based business.

No, we weren’t selling soap or laundry detergent. Not vitamins, or skin care products or diet supplements, either.

In fact, we weren’t selling anything. We were starting a family. And on this day 17 years ago, the first of our children made her grand entrance into the world.

Johannah Elizabeth clocked in at a full seven pounds, 10 ounces, with 10 fingers and toes, a swath of jet-black hair on the crown of her head, and the rest of her girlie-pink perfection. Her first day, and all through the night, she mewed like a little kitten, as if recalling for me the trauma of being born, of leaving the comfort of her home for something big and bright and unfamiliar.

Yes, baby, I told her, nuzzling my nose into the softest place on earth, that spot between her ear and her neck. I know. I was there.

We weren’t planning on this little one. Not so soon, anyway. When J and I first got married, our idea was that we’d wait five years to start a family. To be a couple, and travel, and… just be us for a little while, relatively responsibility free.

Six months after we said, “I do,” I found out I was pregnant. And life changed for us, forever and for good.

I’ve learned a lot from our daughters. About being patient. About living a life of service. About staying in the moment, and appreciating life as it unfolds, even if that unfoldment didn’t happen on my schedule.

Especially if it didn’t happen on my schedule.

And what I’ve learned from being a mom, I can now apply to running a home based business. And I’ve picked up a few network marketing tips along the way, too.

If you’re a parent, you know what I mean when I say that sometimes, things don’t move at the pace you’d like them to. The same is true for your home based business.

Leads don’t always come as quickly as you’d like them to. Your downline doesn’t grow as fast as you hoped it would. And in the beginning, the commission checks aren’t as fat as they could be.

But you know something? Raising children has taught me that life moves at its own pace. And that it’s my job to do what I can, and then get out of the way.

If you’re just starting out in your home based business, or have been at it for a little while but are still not seeing the kinds of results you want, the following network marketing tips can help you to get your over the hump:

Network Marketing Tips – #1: Know Your Outcome

As with anything in life, getting there from here means you must first know where you’re going. Get really clear on what it is you want to accomplish in your business. Is it a lifestyle? A certain level of income? Do you want to fund your kids’ college tuition, or retire within the next few years? Write it down, and post it someplace where you can see it every day. Keeping your outcome top of mind will help pull you through when the going gets rough.

Network Marketing Tips – #2: Remove Distractions

Remove all distractions. As tempting as it is, working from home does not mean plopping yourself down on the couch in front of the television with your laptop. Treat your business like a business. Keep office hours (whatever that means for you). Suit up and show up, and make sure that everything you do during that time is in service to your company.

Network Marketing Tips – #3: Make a Commitment

Growing a successful network marketing company is probably going to take longer than you think it will, but that’s okay. Recommit to yourself, your family, and your business every day, and then get to work. Don’t worry about the outcomes. As Deepak Chopra says, “Focus on the process and the results are guaranteed.”

And above all, be patient. With yourself, with your business, with your team, with your world. Remember that life unfolds at its own pace, in its own time. Do your part, follow the network marketing tips outlined above, and then get out of the way.

In time, your hard work, patience, and persistence will pay off.

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl. Thank you for being a part of our wonderful world.

Video Traffic

If you have a business and have a product or service to promote then you realise the importance of traffic. One of the best ways to go about this is to create your own videos and generate video traffic. Over the years there has been a video traffic explosion and it will only keep on escalating.

Article to video

If you write articles, features that get published or just general information about your products then these are great candidates for video content. Each article is a potential video traffic growth goldmine for you and one that you should consider in your online marketing strategy.

Sure people love to read published content, but studies have shown that they like to watch also. Once your article is converted to video content they can still read it on screen. However, they can also hear the spoken article words.

You can add music as well as photo content to the video just to give it more buzz. Make it pleasing on the eyes of the viewer. Don’t just throw anything together in a rush as it won’t engage the viewer and they will quickly start clicking on other videos.

You do not need any special article to video converter software. There are slide packages and video editing software available which can do the job well. Alternatively, simply hand it to someone who specialises in this kind of work.

Speak clearly and have a happy tone to your voice. Don’t come across as a gloomy speaker. If you are selling something then you must sound excited about what you are promoting, unless of course you are selling something like funeral coffins. I think you get the idea. You may have heard the phrase ‘Content is king’. Well it holds true with videos also. Ensure your video has at least some of the following features:

  • Entertaining
  • Professional
  • Unique
  • Newsworthy

With video traffic marketing, if you want your video to appeal to many people then it has to stand out from the other videos in the same category.When people start paying attention to your video content you will find you get exposure on media related sites as well as other websites. Start creating instant video articles today.

Make your video go viral

The more exposure you get for your video the better it becomes for you. More and more people see your video, like it and pass it on. Once it starts getting shared you can expect great things to happen.

Think about how many times you have seen YouTube videos on the national news for example, even if the subject material is not always the best.

You should take action and start promoting your video in different ways. Here are some examples of how you can do that:

  • Post links to your video in forums
  • Embed your video in your website or blog
  • Add your comment to other blogs and post your link also
  • Email your video link to your friends and family
  • Share it on sites like Facebook and Twitter

YouTube has a community which you should aim to participate in for more video traffic. Subscribe to any YouTube channels which you like and leave a comment on the videos. As more and more people see your comments they will link back to your videos and you will get more YouTube video traffic.

Other video traffic strategies

There are other things you can do to get video traffic and I will cover those points now.

In the video itself you should have a call to action. This could be something like “For a FREE book on how to stop smoking the natural way please visit”. You can add your website address at the end.

If you upload your video to YouTube then you will notice there are boxes for adding a video title and description. Before doing this you need to do some keyword research so that you can choose a title that is going to get lots of visitors.

Insert your keyword into your title, preferably as near to the beginning as possible. If your keyword is ‘Blood sugar’ for example you could have a title similar to ‘Lower your blood sugar levels in 10 days”. It helps if you are able to write a catchy title because that alone can attract viewers to your video.

You should consider using a mixture of broad and long tail keywords. This will help to optimise your title for the search engines and attract more video traffic to you.

In the YouTube video description box you can add a brief description of the video or product. Again ensure that your keywords are within the text you write. At the beginning of the text you should insert your website address.

You can also add tags. These are basically keywords related to the video subject and are essential for getting video traffic. YouTube will suggest a few, but you can also add your own.

If you are adding multiple tag words ensure that you put quote marks around them. For example “Six pack” “Organic gardening” etc.

Try and think of terms that people are likely to use when searching for your video. You will be surprised what you come up with.

Have you noticed how online newspapers and news sites have video within the posts? This gives value to the reader because they get to read the written post and view any related video content.

Search engines like to see a mixture of content curated from different sources. This is a strategy you can implement in your own blog or site to increase video traffic.

As mentioned previously, you want to host your video content on YouTube. Add in keyword rich titles and descriptions. Then pick some good tags. Near the video you will notice a button called ‘Share’. Click this and then select the ‘Embed’ option. This will give you a piece of code which you need to copy and paste into the HTML part of your website or blog. This will embed the video from YouTube into your site.

When someone comes to your site they can now read any posts or watch any video content you have embedded. This represents some enormous video traffic potential for you.

Also if others find your video on YouTube and do the same then your website link will be spread everywhere which means you get even more video traffic coming back to your site.


Get as much exposure as you can for your internet video content. The more video traffic that comes your way, the more sales will increase and the more profit you will make. It is as simple as that.

Be aware of the benefits of video marketing and you can expect good traffic as a result. Be proactive in your internet video marketing today.

Reasons Consumers Like To Shop Online

In light of the various points of interest and advantages, an ever increasing number of people say they turn toward web-based shopping over conventional shopping nowadays. It’s important to understand the mind of the online customer. Take into account this, and you’ll make them rush to your online store. Understand what the shopper wants and work on it – connect to your thoughts all the ways that you can meet these desires, through your focused knowledge, aggressive pricing, customer service, and more. Understanding the urges drive the rise of online shopping is essential. Here are a few buyers’ purposes behind purchasing online, in their own words:

Convenience: No one will let you shop at midnight wearing your Pajamas except online shop, isn’t it? You don’t need to hold up in a line or hold up till the shop assistant assists you with your buys. You can do your shopping in minutes regardless of the possibility that you are occupied, aside from sparing time and staying away from crowds. Online shops give us the chance to shop 24 x 7 and furthermore reward us with ‘no pollution’ shopping.

Competitive price: Today, there are various individuals who visit physical stores to check an item, its size, quality and different aspects. Yet, very few of them really make the purchase from these stores. They tend to search for a similar item online instead. The reason being, the desire of an aggressive pricing. These customers are generally known as deal seekers.

If you can offer focused pricing for your items when contrasted with that at the physical stores. You could likewise put a couple of items on each range, to draw the attention of deal seekers.

For instance, various online shopping website offers a ‘deal of the day’ – in which the estimating of items is impressively low compared with what they would cost in stores. This makes the clients think they are getting a great deal, and the feeling of direness around the deal expands the number of conversions.

Variety: A shopper can get several brands and products from various dealers in one room. You can get the most modern global trends without burning through cash on travel; you can shop from retailers in different parts of the nation or even the world without being restrained by geographic position. These stores offer a far more noteworthy choice of colors and sizes than you will discover locally. On the off chance that you find that the item you require is out of stock on the web, you can take your business to another online store where the item is accessible.

Crowd: If you are like me, you might want to maintain a strategic distance from the crowds when you do the shopping. Crowds force us to do a rushed shopping more often times. Crowds likewise make an issue with regards to finding a parking place nearby where you need to shop and going back to your vehicle later stacked with shopping bags.

More comments about shopping online:

• Web-based shopping makes it simple for me to think about vendors before purchasing. I can get more detail before settling on a choice to purchase or not.

• With web-based shopping, we all benefit enormously from this perpetual rivalry between online retailers. Another brilliant approach to spare cash by purchasing on the web is bargains offered by retailers, incredible rebates and savings just for the individuals who buy particular items on the web.

• It is so much easier to sit at home, locate my size, shading, and style and then it’s delivered to my front door.

• Web-based shopping is helpful and bothers free. In India, an ever increasing number of peoples are shopping on the web every day. What’s more, they are receiving the rewards also. A few sites are likewise offering web-based shopping for basic need items – which I believe is a jump forward from the ordinary online selling.

• Better costs are one of the fundamental reasons that online shopping has taken off. The simple fact that the middlemen are cut out of the delivery chain leads to a reduction in the cost and thus the final price of the product.

There you have it, in their own words. These remarks make strong pleasant arguments for the advantages of web-based shopping. Understand the customer’s mind and you’ll have the way to how to make them happy while racking up sales because… they like you, they REALLY like you.

Employing Work Place Humor – Are You Brave Enough to Have Fun at Work?

Laughter is so powerful it can make people pee their pants and cry like a baby.In fact, a few minutes of har-de-har hilarity will have most folks rolling on the ground, pleading for it to stop, stop. Please make it stop!Now, there is an impressive force for you…If this state of mind can wrench bladder and emotion control from their owners it behooves us to investigate further to determine how that capacity might be employed in other circumstances. Capice?Dr. Jekyll and Mister SnydeSuch scientific analysis into the effects of humor on the human condition is already underway and the results have proven to examiners that yucking it up causes all manner of endorphins to be scattered in a palatine peptide parade through our blood stream.These pesky peptides start immediately roughhousing with the dormant dominoes controlling our moods which soon have us changing our tunes and before long seeing almost everything differently.Nope, the average attitude does not stand a chance against those perky peptides whom over time will also start fooling with the locks on the floodgates of our health, wealth and with any luck, wisdom.Pretty significant effects for some invisible stuff and an emotion that very few folks acknowledge, let alone attempt to consciously control.Treat Me Like A Royal, Fool!Kings and queens have felt fondness for frivolity since the beginning of time and few successful monarchies attempted to operate without the benefit of a talented and unfunny-only-once court jester.Whenever there was a chance that news would sting the boss’s ears, conveying the dreaded downbeat dispatch in a hopefully uplifting manner usually fell upon the shivering shoulders of the Royal Fool who would portray the grim new reality through what ought to be one of his funniest riddles or jokes to date.Royal Fool: “Pray tell, Majesty: What has 2911 eyes, 1753 limbs, 93,718 cannon balls and rests at the bottom of the sea?”Mystified Monarch: “You have me stumped, my good elf. Whatever could it be?”Jittering Jester: “Why, great and noble sire – ’tis your navy…”Crusty Kaiser: “Oh, ho, ho ho, sir Imp, you are too, too funny! Off with his head!” (okay, humor doesn’t work every time…)Those court jesters that managed to retain their craniums often achieved great notoriety for their ability to create good spirits on demand. They were revered as first class purveyors of social attitude who rightfully accepted their place alongside religious and civic leaders who also enjoyed the benefits of theater and ceremony.Laughter – It’s The Real ThingOver the past decade health professionals have begun methodically employing the beneficial effects of humor and several long term scientific studies undertaken by universities and private institutions now attest to its positive and measurable influence.In the business world, one of the early adopters of cultural use of humor was the wizard coach of Southwest Airlines – Herb Kelleher.Humor is definitely in Herb’s blood and he employed his tomfoolery talent to cure corporate ills representing litigious circumstances that would have made any lawyer’s pockets itchy. If the occasion demanded that he dress like a superhero to face an arm-wrestling opponent rather than head to the court house donning a business suit, Herb did it.His willingness and ability to regularly utilize humor to overcome significant business challenges created a profitable operational culture for Southwest Airlines which continues to permeate the entire corporation years after Herb’s departure.Tee Hee Hee All The Way To The BankHumor is difficult to employ because it requires a significant amount of direction and even then it occasionally runs roughshod over the bounds of personal preference and good taste. I imagine this is why so few folks contemplate employing humor and exactly why we should use it.This is one of the simplest methods any company can utilize to differentiate themselves from the crowd and it is really not that difficult to do.A good place to start is by picking up a copy of the book Nuts where Herb Kelleher reveals exactly how he used humor in the workplace. And you might want to read it in the bathroom because some of the stuff he pulled is so dang hilarious that you just should not chance it.Thank you, friend.

Health and Fitness Advice Made Simple

The average number of deaths related to cardiovascular diseases are on the rise and it is high time for every individual to learn and gain from health and fitness advice, that is widely available across various media. Many websites, magazines and programs on television are coming up with programs that offer health and fitness advice, free of cost. Let’s check out few of the health and fitness advices and see if we can reap benefits from them.For a healthy heart, diet and exercise are of extreme importance. If you are at a risk of heart related diseases, then make a note of the following points and follow them to see how easily you can get rid of the heart related diseases. Try to keep the calories from fat in your daily diet, to less than ten percent. Cut down the intake of highly saturated fatty foods like cheese. Include a lot of fiber rich foods in your diet, such as fruits like oranges, apples, whole grains, vegetables such as beans, etc. Reduce the usage of salt and sugar. Apart from these dietary restrictions, it is advisable to take care of ones physical fitness too.Lets focus on the health and fitness advice related to physical fitness. Always remember to start your fitness routine with a warm up for about 10 to 15 minutes. As per experts, cycling, walking or jogging are among the smart choices for a healthy heart. If you can exercise every day, then a workout of 30 minutes per day is the minimum limit.Health and fitness advice from the heart doctors concentrates on increasing the muscle strength of heart, improving the circulation and increasing the oxygen levels in the body. All these can be achieved by concentrating on physical fitness training on a regular basis.Some of the health and fitness advice given by experts even suggest of inculcating healthy habits in the whole family, this not only teaches children to gain knowledge on healthy aspects from childhood but also to differentiate healthy food from those which are bad for health. Encourage your children to take up physically challenging sports and join them during weekends for a game or two and you will be amazed to find that not only overall health of the family improves, but even the family bonds strengthen up.The secret to a healthy heart is good diet, exercise and sound sleep. Do not deprive your body of enough sleep. Try to relax by meditating or any other method and keep your stress levels under control.Keep in mind that unless you eat healthy, there is no point in spending hours in the gym. Hence, utilize the various resources available around and increase your knowledge on healthy and nutritious diet. The best way is to learn from experts by following health and fitness advice given by them.Leading a healthy life is not complicated, all you need is awareness and once you know what is right for your body, you are on the right path.

Strategies of Digital Marketing and Content Marketing

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for the targeted, measurable, and interactive marketing of products or services using digital technologies to reach and convert leads into customers and retain them.The key objective is to promote brands, build preference and increase sales through various digital marketing techniques. It is embodied by an extensive selection of service, product and brand marketing tactics, which mainly use the Internet as a core promotional medium, in addition to mobile and traditional TV and radio.Digital marketing activities are search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, influencer marketing, content automation, campaign marketing, and e-commerce marketing, social media marketing, social media optimisation, e-mail direct marketing, display advertising, e-books, optical disks and games, and any other form of digital media. It also extends to non-Internet channels that provide digital media, such as mobile phones (SMS and MMS), callback and on-hold mobile ring tones.The fundamental concept in digital marketing is based on the inbound marketing approach or generally it’s called customer centric approach.To make B2B content marketing successful in 2016, you need to decide the strategies you are going to use, plan accordingly and know about the predictions of content marketing in this year. Here are some tips for you that would help you to succeed in B2B content marketing:-As Content marketing plays a vital role in the B2B marketing, it is essential to plan your content strategies for this New Year. In 2016, digital marketers will face many challenges in B2B content marketing. Before you think about new strategies, rethink and analyze the content marketing strategies that you have used in the previous year. Remove the unbeneficial things from your plan and add new innovative ideas. The success of your business/company depends on the content that you produce. So, give value to the content and make it preferable for the viewers to read.Many B2B marketers have understood the importance of content delivery. So they are creating more unique content and using it effectively for their business growth which has led to the heavy competition. To succeed in this situation, you need to have a documented content strategy and create more quality content. As a content marketer, you have to be clear that the main motive of content creation is to generate more leads and achieving more sales rate. Make sure that you use the right content format and expose your content in the right place.Think differently & innovatively and give something special in order to make your content stand out. Content creation is going to be more in this year so make your content interesting, valuable and unique to attract the customers. Concentrate on the target audience, reach your content to them and build strong relationship for gaining their attraction. Make use of content in the video and in addition to that you can add audio for making it more worthwhile.