Technology to Make Project Management Easier

At its heart, project management is really more about people than anything else. It’s about your team members, your stakeholders and the company’s customers. However, while projects should be people-centric, that doesn’t mean that technology doesn’t and shouldn’t play an essential role. That’s particularly true today, with the incredible pace of technological evolution in myriad industries. In fact, there are quite a few pieces of technology that can make project management easier and more effective. What should you know?
The Master Multi-Tasker
Perhaps the most essential piece of technology for project managers and their teams is the master multi-tasker – the modern cell phone. Once clunky, bulky and capable of nothing more than making phone calls, today’s cell phones have evolved considerably. These smartphones can still make calls, of course, but they can also send email, instant messages and even run program management apps that sync to desktop computers and tablets. For any PM and his or her team, having good cell phone technology underlying your efforts is invaluable. That doesn’t mean you all have to have the latest and greatest device on the market, but they should all be comparable in terms of software capabilities.
The New Kid on the Block
There are many new innovations out there, but few have had the same repercussions on the world of industry that the tablet computer has had. We’re not talking about jumped up e-readers here. We’re talking about true tablet computers – the iPad, Microsoft’s Surface, and the myriad Android devices out there. These handy little devices take the capabilities of the modern smartphone and build on them, offering most of the functionality of a desktop computer in a portable package that’s smaller and more transportable than a normal laptop. That’s particularly true of the Surface, as it runs a full version of Windows 8, but the iPad and those aforementioned Android devices can also work just as well. Tablet computers are must haves for any PM and their team.
While both tablets and smartphones are immensely capable devices, they don’t offer much without the right apps. Mobile apps provide a broad range of capabilities, and can be found in a dizzying array of types, formats and price points. There are full-blown project management apps designed for the needs of massive projects using waterfall management. There are svelte apps designed for teams operating within the bounds of Agile. There are apps designed for file sharing, those for basic communication and more. The world of mobile apps has grown so diverse that it can take a considerable effort to sort through and choose those most appropriate for your needs, but it’s important that you take the time to do so.
Between smartphones, tablet computers and the host of mobile apps available, you and your team can enjoy the best in terms of collaboration, communication, information and file sharing, and much more. It’s vital that every team have the right technology underlying their project, and PMs will find that technology can make their job much, much easier.

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